Betrayed (Director's Cut) (1998)

Betrayed (Director's Cut) 1998

★★★★★★★★★★ IMDb: 7.8 90 minutes
At last! Falcon Exclusive Super-bottom Kevin Williams is back and you won't believe your eyes. Kevin takes everything that these studs give him and begs for more. Hot, steamy action make this brand new blockbuster a must for any collector!Scene 1: Kevin Williams and Virgil Sainclair heat up poolside sucking and fucking. Director's Cut Edit (Water rifle ass-filling)Scene 2: Kyle Becker and Luc Jarrett work each other out and off in the great outdoors.Scene 3: Jeff Palmer spots a jockstrapped Kevin Williams enjoying a supercock on his own. Jeff joins in, stretching Kevin's hole wide with the massive latex cock before rimming, fingering, fisting and finally pumping Kevin's eager ass with his own stiff tool. Director's Cut Edit(Includes fisting footage)Scene 4: Thugs Kevin Miles, Thom Barron, Sebastian Gronoff and Carlos Morales give Kevin Williams a gang bang to remember...testing his limits as a power bottom with giant dildos and a succession of their own hard cocks.