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Chandrettan Evideya 2015

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★★★★★★★★★★ IMDb: 5.9 126 minutes
The story of "Chandrettan Evideya" revolves around Chandramohan (Dileep), who is a government servant and also an ardent classical dance follower and his wife Sushama(Anusree) is also a government employee. But the doubting wife keeps track of each and every thing her husband does. Chandramohan is well known among art followers as a good critic of classical dance. His reviews are often published in leading magazines. Considering his close association with beautiful dancers, his wife Sushama keeps close tabs on him by making phone calls every now and then. One fine day, they decide to go for a trip to Thanjavur where they meet an astrologer who tells them certain aspects of Chandramohan's previous life, which forms the crux of the story.